40% of Americans are Planning to Move in 2022

February 2, 2022 12:10 pm

Americans MovingAmericans are on the move! According to a recent article by National Mortgage Professional, 40% of Americans are considering a move in 2022. Results of a survey of 2,100 consumers show the people who are most likely to move this year include Gen Z, Millennials, remote workers, renters, and parents with young children.

The most popular reason Americans plan to move is the need for more space, while 54% seek a dog friendly home, 49% crave outdoor space, and 43% long for a larger kitchen. More than 30% of Americans claim that the pandemic has completely changed what they’re looking for in a home as well as where they would like to live. While many Americans previously wanted smaller homes in urban areas closer to work, many now seek homes in suburban areas from which they can work remotely.

Of those who are not planning to move, 72% of homeowners are considering making renovations or upgrades to their homes in 2022 and 37% are considering applying for a refinance.

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